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             Hello.  My name is Julie.  A few years ago, I had a severe allergic reaction that required me to go into the emergency room.  About 2 weeks later, after some allergy testing, I found out that I was allergic to peanuts, lobster, and soy.  I was told to avoid all nuts, all seafood and fish, and all soy containing products, including MSG.  I did not think much of it, until I started doing some research online as well as some label reading.

            I discovered that peanut/nut allergies and seafood/fish allergies were widely covered on the web and on labels, but soy was a different matter.  I was able to find helpful information on the web about soy, but unfortunately only in bits and pieces, and I had to go through some trial and error (which I would not recommend for those with allergies), only because the labeling on products when it came to soy is so vague.  Hopefully one day they will be as thorough at labeling soy allergen information as they are with labeling peanuts/nuts allergens and seafood/fish allergens, but until then, we research!

            I decided, after going through much frustration, that I would compile as much information on soy and soy allergens as I could in one place to help those like me.  Please note that I am NOT a doctor, and that this information is NOT intended to replace anything your doctor has told you.  

UPDATE:  I was told about 2 years ago that I am free of the allergies that I was told I had.  I am not sure if I was misdiagnosed to begin with or if I was miraculously cured, but I am thrilled.  My want to help those who do have these allergies has not gone, though, and I even started a blog to list recipes that are allergy friendly.  It is: Natural and Free.  I hope that it can be a help and encouragement to all of you out there who are allergy suffers or love someone who is. 

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